Your Committee

To support you through your degree, the DLSS is here to make the long road as enjoyable as possible and ensure that you have a smile on your face whilst you are juggling assignments, exams, work commitments and the all important social side to life. Whether it be keeping a high distinction average, receiving a winners trophy for a law competition, getting your foot in the door at the ‘dream job’ or making the most of the party scene at university, we are here to make it happen!

2014 DLSS Committee:

President – Seth Ryan

Director of Sponsorship – Dushan Stevic

Director of Finance – Guy Waldron

Secretary – Sam Ironside

VP Communications – Karthik Maganty

VP Marketing – Ashley Sherr

VP Activities – Jas Manpotra

VP Education – Josh Baldacchino

VP Careers (Commercial) – Beth Stewart

VP Careers (Industry) – Michael Castricum

VP Competitions – Rhian Soedarsono

Immediate Past President – Shai Sommer

Social Media Officer – Kevin Leung

IT Officer – Martin Krivosija

On-campus Communications Officer – Alex Doddridge

Marketing Officer – Darcy Todaro

Activities Officer – Daphne Chrysis

Activities Officer – Tom Watson

Welfare and Equality Officer – Dana Harding

Careers Officer (Commercial) – Jonathan Pham

Careers Officer (Commercial) – Andrew Vicendese

Careers Officer (Industry) – Natalie NG

Competitions Officer – Adele Brusco

Competitions Officer – Amy Mann