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Law school can come with many stressors – the combination of a heavy workload and the pressure that comes along with it, extra-curricular activities and making a mark in the legal industry and balancing a busy life in general can cause many students to sometimes feel overwhelmed, especially in a field as competitive as the legal profession.

Often at times, these things can get in the way of a student’s mental health andwellbeing which can then have a detrimental effect on their academic, social and emotional health.

At Deakin, we have many resources that students may take advantage of to help with these pressures, and at the DLSS we strongly encourage students to do so because we would love all of our fellow law students to be able to thrive and enjoy their university experience as much as possible!

The External Resources page is designed to provide Deakin Law students with a diverse range of additional resources relevant to life as a law student or as a recent legal graduate.



Australian Law Students' Association (ALSA)

ALSA is a national not-for-profit association comprising all Law Student Societies and Law Student Associations in Australia, representing approximately 28,000 law students. Find out more here.

Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) - Young Lawyers


Membership to the LIV Young Lawyers Section (YLS) is free for all law graduates and students. The YLS provides practical guidance and networking opportunities for new lawyers to build a successful legal career. Find out more here.


Victoria Legal Aid


Victoria Legal Aid provide legal students and graduates with career opportunities through their New Lawyers Program, and various volunteer and work experience opportunities. Find out more  here.

Job Watch Melbourne

JobWatch is an employment rights legal centre, which provides assistance to Victorian workers about their rights at work.  They operate a free and confidential telephone information and referral service, community legal education seminars and provide representation and assistance for disadvantaged workers through a legal casework practice, as well as campaigning for law reform to promote workplace justice and equity for all Victorian workers. Find out more here.

Beyond Law


Beyond Law connects law students, graduates and young lawyers with employers all over Australian and around the world. It frequently updates its job resource guides to give you the tips and tricks you need for your next application to stay ahead of the game. Find out more here.




Deakin offers free and confidential services for students who are struggling with uni related stress or pressure and general mental health issues. Counselling can occur over the phone or face to face with professional psychologists and social workers, and there is also an online service where students can submit anonymous questions about issues concerning them. Find out more here.


DUSA advocacy and Welfare


One of the central functions of DUSA is to defend your student rights and help you live, thrive and survive. Find out more here.


Feedback and Complaints


On DeakinSync students may submit an online feedback from pertaining to complaints or concerns that they may have about their course, administration, staff and students. It is important for the university to hear this feedback to not only improve your university experience, but also the experience of others who may not speak up with their concerns. Find out more here.

Information about concerns and complaints how to lodge a formal complaint to the university can be accessed here.

Free on-campus legal service

DUSA offers free confidential on-campus legal service at Deakin. Find out more here.

University Health Services


Deakin provides accessible and confidential medical services for all current students and staff, Deakin Medical Centres, located at each campus are staffed by qualified and experienced medical doctors and nurses. Find out more here.

Disability support


Deakin’s Disability Resource Centre (DRC) promotes inclusion and access, and provides information and services for students with a disability, health or mental health condition that affects their study or participation in university life. Find out more here.

Emergency Accommodation Support

If you find yourself experiencing a housing crisis, or if you are homeless or at risk of homelessness, you can contact the Emergency Housing Support Service for further support or guidance. Find out more here.  


Deakin’s Multifaith Chaplains deliver an important link for staff and students between the wisdom and guidance offered by all religions and the diversity of beliefs. It is not necessary to belong to any religious faith in order to use the chaplaincy services. Find out more here.

24- Hour Services

On-campus emergencies   1800 062 579

DirectLine (drugs and alcohol) 1800 888 236

Gambler’s Help 1800 858 858

Gay/lesbian Switchboard 1800 184 527

Lifeline 13 11 14

Sexual Assault Crisis Line 1800 806 292

Suicide Line 1300 651 251

Telephone Interpreter Service 13 14 50

Women’s Domestic Violence Crisis Line

1800 015 188

Ambulance/ Fire/ Police 000

Poison Information Centre 131 126