DPP V BEA [2017] VSC 40


The accused, Sigaragh Bea, pleaded guilty to the murder of Prasad Somawansa in the Supreme Court of Victoria.

In January 2016, the accused saw the victim’s son Wishhasad (Wish) for the first time in ten years. Wish gave his telephone number to the accused so that they could catch up. A week later, the accused contacted Wish to arrange to see each other, where Wish then invited the accused to his family home.

After the accused spent the day with Wish and had dinner with the victim, Ms Somawansa, and her husband, the accused started to become jealous of Wish’s life as he had two supportive parents. This is due to the accused having family issues such as anger towards his father and step father.

A month later, on February 2018, the accused contacted Wish via text message asking whether they could hang out. Following no response, the accused decided to go to the family home where Wish and Ms Somawansa were present. After Wish dropped the accused at a nearby shopping centre on his way to work, the accused then decided to return to the family home where he stabbed the Ms Somawansa at least 38 times.

Elliott J decided that the murder was not in fact premediated. He also considered sentencing factors such as no prior convictions, the accused being a “young offender” at the age of 21, his rehabilitation prospects and how he pleaded guilty plea when sentencing the accused to 22 years of imprisonment with a non-parole period of 17 years.   

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