Committee Applications 2018

With exams out of the way now’s your chance to join the DLSS Committee for 2017! If you’ve ever wanted to get more involved at law school then this is your time to take the plunge and experience new things!

Having elected our executive at our AGM in September, we’re now looking for Deakin Law Students who’d like to join our amazing team as an officer in one of our portfolios!

Whilst being a DLSS committee member is an incredibly rewarding social opportunity (marking the start of many lifelong friendships), and looks great on the resume, it is also a substantial work commitment.

Committee members are expected to attend weekly meetings at Deakin’s Burwood campus alongside all events being held across our 8 portfolios, which can include multiple events each week.

All of the roles available require strong communication, time management and organisation skills. A strong candidate is someone who is willing to serve as a dedicated, passionate and approachable member of our team. Not only will you be performing the specific duties of your role, but you will be responsbile for ensuring that the DLSS does everything possible to represent all law students in their time at Deakin.

If you’re a Geelong student, we suggest contacting the DLSS Geelong directly if you’re interested in joining their team.

Application Process:

The application process involves a short written application, with successful candidates shortlisted for an interview with our President, Vice President and the Director responsible for the portfolio which you are applying for. With over 22 positions, it is essential that your application is tailored towards the specific requirements of each position detailed below.

The DLSS Executive has decided upon a blind application process for written applications in order to reduce any potential for bias and encourage a diverse range of people to apply for positions. What this means is that the name and year level of candidates will not be passed on to anyone reading your application.

Candidates may apply for a maximum of 2 positions in preferential order.

If you are successful in being offered an interview, you will be advised of a date in the below interview period for your interview to be held in Burwood. Only in exceptional circumstances will we hold Skype interviews or allow interviews outside the set timeframe.

If you miss out on an interview, don’t fear! There will be plenty of opportunities to get involved at our events in 2018!

Applications must be submitted by pressing the Apply Now button at the bottom of this page


  • Monday 23 October 5pm: Applications Open
  • Monday 30 October 5pm: Applications Close
  • Tuesday 31 October – Tuesday 14 November: Interviews
  • Wednesday 15 November: Announcement of committee members

Any questions about should be sent to


Applications are open for the following positions (click to read a position description!)

Activities Officers x3

An Activities Officer is required to assist the Director of Activities with all social events organised by the DLSS. You are a support role, involved in the finer details of events, such as the activity-by-activity process of Law Camp, or arranging the photography and entertainment at Law Ball.

This role requires strong time management and organisation skills. This role requires stepping up and taking on a large degree of responsibility at events, but you also must excel as a dedicated team member. Willingness to sacrifice your own enjoyment at some events to assist other guests and ensure the event runs smoothly is a requirement of this role, and includes remaining sober and arriving early at many events.

You should have:

  • Impeccable organisation skills;
  • The ability make judgment calls and remain calm under pressure;
  • Impeccable time management skills;
  • Impeccable problem solving skills;
  • Strong social skills and the ability to engage a diverse range of people;
  • The ability to understand what would appeal to a large and varied audience, as opposed to your own preferences.

You will be required to devote 5-10 hours a week to the DLSS, and in the weeks leading up to your events, this will increase.

Activities Officers are responsible to the Director of Activities

Communications Officers x2

As a Communications Officer, you will be required to work within a team that is devoted to publishing relevant content for our students.

You must be able to show initiative and vision for producing new content and responding to the requests of fellow committee members.

A successful Publications Officer is one who anticipates advantages and disadvantages in the portfolio’s plans, is open to change and is willing to provide assistance as soon as possible.
It is favourable, but not necessary, that candidates have experience in using WordPress and Adobe Photoshop, Indesign and/or other design programs in order to produce a high level of content and maintain high standards for the DLSS website

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Sourcing content from external sources;
  • Creating content for the website (;
  • Sourcing content through faculty members, academics, students and other channels in order to produce content for the monthly newsletter;
  • Editing and proof reading materials sent to Communications portfolio;
  • Meeting with Communications team to shape the direction of the portfolio;
  • Liaising with Marketing portfolio to incorporate social media.

Time commitment
4-8 hours a week, not inclusive of the time commitment required for attendance at other
compulsory DLSS obligations.
Your time commitment will increase leading up to O-Week with the release of the First Year
Guide as you assist in its production.

Communications officers are responsible to the Director of Communications

Commercial Careers Officers x2

The Commercial Careers Portfolio’s purpose is to educate Deakin law students on the pathway to practicing in commercial law. This purpose is generally fulfilled by interfacing students directly with employers, and publicising informative articles and publications that assist to blacken and whiten the grey area of what employers want from applicants.

The Portfolio also promotes upcoming opportunities for students including events run by law firms themselves, Law Institute of Victoria initiatives, and other information relevant to students. We run a range of panels, a careers fair, and networking events to assist students in preparing for a commercial career.


Trimester One work for the Portfolio begins in November and does not relent until the final initiative, usually July. New initiatives may be run in Trimester Two 2017 as the Director sees fit.

Over summer the work will require approximately three hours per week. Following summer and the commencement of Trimester One, anything upwards of six hours per week is to be expected.

Essentially, it is the Officer’s role to assist the Director in executing initiatives by completing delegated tasks.

Typical tasks include the following:

  • Contacting prospective law firms for Seasonal Clerkship Guide inclusion;
  • Gathering, writing, and editing Seasonal Clerkship Guide content;
  • Communicating with other external bodies such as venues, the School of Law, designers and printers in putting together initiatives;
  • Planning marketing and communication programs and ensuring they are implemented;
  • Completing other various tasks delegated by the Director;
  • Finally, as a member of the Committee you have a responsibility to attend Committee meetings and all other events.

Requisite Experience and Skills

To be successful in the role you must be organised, engaged by commercial law, team-orientated, and have an acumen for business communication considering the role involves coordinating initiatives with Australia’s biggest commercial law firms and other reputable bodies. You must be a positive representative for Deakin law students as you are representing the Deakin law brand whenever you engage with an external organisation.

Commercial Careers officers are responsible to the Director of Commercial Careers

Competitions Officers x3

The Competitions Officers are responsible for administrative support of all competitions. In consultation with the Director of Competitions this role’s function is to facilitate the smooth running of all competitions through correctly communicating heat allocations, arranging judges, ensuring problem questions are accurate, preparing certificates and supervising heats.

This role requires an organised and diligent person who is passionate about practical learning. Quick thinking and adaptability are also critical to problem solve issues which often arising during heats.

This role represents an opportunity to engage with expansive areas of law whilst refining your communication and time-management skills.

Key responsibilities

  • Preparing certificates for competitors
  • Assisting the director in running competitions workshops
  • Drafting and editing competition rules and guidelines
  • Promoting external competitions
  • Communicating heat allocations to competitors
  • Email communications with judges and competitors
  • Editing and formatting all problem questions
  • Supervising heats (including the options to play the role of clients/witnesses etc.)
  • Any other tasks assigned by the director

Time commitment

Assisting the facilitating nine internal competitions in addition to all external competitions requires consistent work all year completed with persistence and dedication. On average during a week that has non heats being conducted the work load in approximately 3+ hours, during a heat week it can be 10+ hours.

Competitions Officers are responsible to the Director of Competitions

Education Officers x 2

The primary role of the Education Officer is to assist the Director of Education in catering towards the various needs of the law student cohort.

Your role is to cater towards their various needs, including, but not limited to educational (i.e. supporting their academic success), mental and physical health and wellbeing.

You are responsible for assisting in the organisation of events and publications, and supporting your Director in any other Education related events.

Creativity and innovation will be essential for the education portfolio, with a growing focus on health and wellbeing, student advocacy and growing trends in the legal industry such as technology

Key events:

  • Health and Wellbeing Week
  • Crash Course (first year guide to succeeding in law school)
  • PLT Provider Information Session
  • A range of panels on contemporary legal issues 
  • Facilitating student advocacy

Key Responsibilities

  • Assisting the Director of Education with organising events, initiatives and publications for Education portfolio;
  • May have small part in PALS administration (but primarily dealt with by PALS Officer);
  • Representing student interests at DLSS Committee meetings;
  • Standing in for Director of Education at any meetings or law school events if Director is unavailable;
  • Taking initiative when undertaking education tasks;
  • Attending DLSS Committee meetings;
  • Attending all DLSS events.

Education Officers are responsible to the Director of Education

Finance Officer

As the DLSS has increased in size, the workload required of the Director of Finance has also increased. As such, we are introducing a Finance Officer in 2017 to act as assistant to the Director of Finance in ensuring that the financial position of the DLSS is managed effectively and in accordance with our obligations.

This position will be responsible for assisting the director in contacting various financial institutions, processing reimbursements and ensuring that the books of the Society stay up to date (just to name a few).

Key roles:

  • Assisting the Director of Finance in their everyday tasks, including:
    • Drafting budgets
    • Processing reimbursements for DLSS members
    • Ensuring the DLSS accounts are correct and up to date
    • Contacting our accountants and various government offices regarding our finances
    • Helping lodge annual statements

The Finance officer is responsible to the Director of Finance

Graphic Design Officer

The DLSS Marketing portfolio aims to promote our services and events to as many students and firms as possible, which we achieve through the collective use of social networking, our website and interpersonal marketing. Vital to our marketing strategy are eye-catching designs that remain fresh throughout the year.

We are looking for a specialised Graphic Design officer to assist in the production of all marketing materials, from simple Facebook Banners to entire marketing campaigns for our larger events (such as Law Ball).

Candidates must have an in depth knowledge of programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator (or other suitable software) and exceptional design acumen.

A successful candidate can expect to spend 4 – 6 hours a week in the design of materials, which may increase to above 8 hours in peak periods (this may also drop to 0 when there are no events running).

You will work alongside the Marketing Officers under the Director of Marketing’s portfolio, but you will be in contact with all other portfolios to cater to their marketing requests Role of the Graphic Design officer:

  • Accept briefs from the Director of Marketing and tailor your designs to the specific audiences of each event
  • Create eye-catching/ fresh/ colourful/ appropriate marketing materials for the following purposes: Facebook posts, Website posts, merchandising (hoodies), publications (newsletters, handbooks), etc.;
  • Attend all DLSS meetings, functions, competitions, careers events and other prescribed commitments;
  • Contribute to DLSS incentives and initiatives;
  • Act in accordance with the DLSS constitution.


  • Design acumen, creativity, innovation;
  • Time management, organisation, dedication.

The Graphic Design Officer is responsible to the Director of Marketing

Candidates for this position may be required to bring examples of previous design work to an interview.

Industry Careers Officers x 2

The role of the Careers Industry Officer(s) is to support the Director of Careers (Industry) in serving the student body to make available resources and information for the pathways that can be taken that will lead into the legal industry, beyond clerkship-graduate program path utilized by commercial firms. 

The industry portfolio operates in many areas, including Family Law, Criminal Law, Personal Injury Law, Government positions, In-house legal services and non-legal positions. The scope of this portfolio allows for an innovative student who is prepared to ensure that students have access to this wide range of career opportunities.

Key roles:

  • Keep up to date with the state of industry sectors
  • Take charge of any events and initiatives as instructed
  • Support the Director of Careers (Industry) in their role
  • Attend all committee meetings
  • Attend all DLSS events
  • Participate in ‘lecture bashing’ or other DLSS marketing as necessary
  • Contribute to DLSS and School of Law publications
  • Act in accordance with the DLSS Constitution
  • Check DLSS emails regularly


  • Leadership, initiative, organisation
  • The ability to work well in a team
  • Good time management
  • An interest in non-commercial career pathways

Undertaking this role is a moderate time commitment, ranging from 5 to 10 hours per week depending on the number of DLSS related events occurring.

IT Officer

The Information Technology (‘IT’) Officer plays an increasingly important role in the DLSS. Without the assistance of a competent and diligent IT Officer, the best laid plans of the portfolio and committee cannot be realised.

An effective IT Officer is one who works closely with their Director and fellow officers to provide access to our content and ensures the presentation, performance and reliability of our online presence.

An IT Officer will invariably be required to assist when IT related issues arise as inconvenient times. Being able to address these problems in a timely manner is fundamental for an aspiring IT Officer.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Managing the committee’s IT commitments including website hosting;
  • Setting up committee emails;
  • Resolving sporadic and ad hoc IT issues;
  • Assisting other officers with posting of content;
  • Updating plugins and website features;
  • Liaising with Director as to opportunities for develop and growth of website model;
  • Capturing statistics on website use and areas for improvement;
  • Meeting with Communications team to shape the direction of the portfolio.

Time commitment

  • 4-8 hours a week, not inclusive of the time commitment required for attendance at other compulsory DLSS obligations.

DLSS Duties

  • Attend committee meetings;
  • Attendance at all DLSS functions, competitions and events;
  • Consistent use of committee email.

Essential Skills

  • Knowledge and a high level of competency in WordPress;
  • Familiarity with Google Forms and Docs;
  • Responsiveness;
  • Diligence;
  • Calmness under pressure;
  • Managing of competing obligations.
PALS Officer

The primary role of the PALS (Peer Assisted Learning Sessions) officer is to run and manage the PALS program for Deakin law students. You are tasked with managing all day-to-day administration and required set up in advance of trimester commencing, such as advertising and hiring tutors. We’re after an innovative student who has new ideas for the PALS program and how we can ensure that all Deakin law students are given the opportunity to benefit from these sessions.

Key Responsibilities

  • Assisting the Director of Education with organising PALS
  • Administration of PALS:
  • Timetabling
  • Collecting tutor timesheets
  • Processing payment requests
  • Managing student registration, and emailing registered students
  • Creating and maintaining PALS Facebook groups for tutorials
  • Updating and maintaining PALS Tutors’ Handbook in conjunction with Director of Education
  • Assist Director of Education in selection of PALS tutors
  • Manage PALS email account
  • Communicate with SHS Hub regarding PALS advertising, sponsorship, etc.
  • Attending DLSS Committee meetings

Required Skills

  • Commitment to students and their education
  • Innovation
  • Time management
  • Clear communication
  • Professionalism
  • Enthusiasm

The PALS Officer is responsible to the Director of Education

Marketing Officer

The Marketing Officer is a very general role that encompasses many responsibilities. At the core of the role, you will be the Director of Marketing’s go-to for any assistance they may need throughout the year, whether it be ordering merchandise, collecting promotional material or organising lecture bashing (advertisments in lectures).

More specifically, the Marketing Officer will be responsible for ticketing and sales to DLSS events. You will be in contact with various ticketing platforms (such as QPAY or Trybooking) to work out the best ticketing options for each portfolio’s initiatives and activities. You will also be in charge of membership sales, which peak in O’week and continue to sell throughout the year. You will need to continually update a membership database as new members join. Finally, you will assist the Director of Marketing in the sale of merchandise, such as DLSS Hoodies.

Key roles:

  • Assisting the Director of Marketing with marketing initiatives
  • Running the ticketing for DLSS events (through platforms such as QPAY)
  • Responding to ticketing enquiries from DLSS members
  • Managing membership sales and creating a membership database
  • Ensuring that the DLSS continues to innovate in our approach to ensuring students are aware of the DLSS’ role and upcoming events

You can expect to spend up to 10 hours a week on marketing initiatives, especially during peak periods such as O’week or the lead up to the Activity portfolio’s events.

The Marketing officer is responsible to the Director of Marketing

Social Justice & Equity Officers x 2

2017 marked the first time the DLSS has included the role of Social Justice Officer. Due to the overwhelming success of this position, seen through events such as International Womens Day and the Deakin Human Rights Oration with Julian Burnside, Social Justice & Equity has become its own portfolio.

The social justice & equity portfolio aims to provide students with events, programs and publications focussed upon contemporary social justice concerns within Australia and internationally. This role also extends to issues faced by Deakin Law Students whilst at university and entering the legal profession, such as Diversity and Equality.

Key roles:

  • Staying up to date with current social justice trends
  • An innovative approach to starting new publications and events
  • Producing a Volunteering guide
  • Contacting volunteer organisations to assist with Social Justice Initiatives

Social Justice & Equity Officers are responsible to the Director of Social Justice & Equity.

Social Media Officer

As Social Media Officer, you will be working closely with the Director of Marketing to ensure that the DLSS brand is promoted to our members. You will be delegated roles in regards to our social media outlets and memberships.

The DLSS Facebook page will most likely become your sole responsibility, and you will have to work with the rest of the committee to schedule posts that have the potential to reach tens of thousands of users. You will be tasked with finding material suitable to law students to keep them entertained and engaged with our page, such as articles, news and amusing pictures.

You may also be delegated tasks by the Director of Marketing. Your busiest time of year will come in the weeks before O Week, where you will assist the Director with the logistics of the event. This can include booking entertainment for the week, sending off printing and liaising with DUSA (amongst other responsibilities).

Finally, you can expect to be directly involved in the creative process for marketing our major events for the year. In this regard, some design acumen would be advantageous (but not necessary – the Graphic Design officer should be able to handle all design tasks).

This role can take up to 10 hours a week to fulfil, a number that fluctuates greatly depending on your workload.

Key roles:

  • Assist in the promotion of the DLSS brand
  • Maintain and update the DLSS Facebook page and any other social media outlets
  • Assist the Marketing team for O Week and promotion of all DLSS events
  • Working closely with the Communications portfolio to best market events


  • Organisation, time management, dedication, patience
  • Marketing acumen (highly valued in this role)

The Social Media Officer is responsible to the Director of Marketing

    What Past Committee Members Have Said:

    I have loved collaborating with a wonderful team towards improving student experiences and opportunities.

    10/10 Would committee again!

    If Kirby was at Deakin he would be on the committee, so why aren't you?

    Nah, if I was to start uni fresh again I wouldn't wait as long as I did to join DLSS, that's my number one regret. Being able to work with such great people and build lifelong friendships is something special that you put your hand up for no matter what.

    Being able to see that the events your running are actually making a difference to the lives of students is a very valuable rewarding experience that I would personally recommend to all Deakin students no matter their year level or background. 

    The DLSS committee is such a diverse group of people, but being able to work together towards a common vision of what a law school experience should look like has brought all of us together for this terrific experience.

    Don't miss out on this opportunity. If you do, you'll look back on law school and wish you had been more involved.

    A great chance to get involved and actually make a difference!

    Being able to work with like-minded individuals has given me friends for life and fulfilled me with a sense of accomplishment by helping other students throughout the year

    The best thing I have done at law school. It's a great way to meet new students, and get involved in the organisation of competitions, social events, and career events.

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