In a university of thousands of students, it can sometimes feel daunting, if not almost impossible, to voice your concerns on issues you feel are affecting your studies and time at Deakin. 

Never fear! The Deakin Law Students’ Society is here to represent you!

This form is specifically designed for students who would like to voice their opinion or concerns, with the option of remaining anonymous, over the running of the DLSS or any issues that should be brought to the attention of the Deakin Law School and Faculty of Business and Law. Or really anything you feel is important that we should know about!


Whatever it is, we want to hear!

The DLSS has regular meetings with staff from the Deakin Law School and although we pride ourselves on being the peak representative body for the Deakin law cohort, the best way to find out what issues are of concern to you is to hear it directly from you.

Please note, unless you provide us with your email address or name we cannot contact you back or identify you in any way.

This form is designed so students can voice their opinion. It is not designed as a forum to seek advice on particular issues. This means we will not respond to any questions regarding your course structure, clerkships, work experience opportunities, how to become a DLSS representative etc,. Inquiries of this nature should be forwarded to director-communications@deakinlss.org.