Witness Examination

Witness examination is an exciting commercial competition which involves the admission of verbal evidence in a trial as adduced by the prosecution and defence through cross-examination and examination-in-chief. Competency in commercial law, civil procedure and evidence law are critical to success in this competition. Objections are encouraged!


Competitors must have an intimate knowledge of the facts in the case.  

Time frame

Each heat will run for 1 hour, with each team having 25 minutes to speak and adduce their evidence. At the conclusion of the competition, the judge will provide feedback.


Formal language and courtesy must be sustained by all competitors throughout the examination as general etiquette will contribute to the team’s score. Students must wear business attire.


  1. Prosecution (senior counsel) presents their opening statements – 2 minutes
  2. Prosecution Examination-in-Chief – 10 minutes
  3. Defence Cross-Examination – 10 minutes
  4. Defence (senior counsel) presents their opening statements – 2 minutes
  5. Defence Examination in Chief – 10 minutes
  6. Prosecution Cross Examination – 10 minutes
  7. Prosecution (junior counsel) summation – 2 minutes
  8. Defence (junior counsel) summation – 2 minutes

Judges’ feedback to competitors 

Important Dates

Heats: 1st- 3rd August Finals: Week of 7th August


Registration for this competition is now closed.