Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that aims to facilitate discussion between two or more parties in order to reach an agreement and avoid litigation.

Mediation attempts to ascertain the concerns of the clients, what goals they have and how the goals can be achieved through the process of mediation. Students will compete individually, acting as the mediator in a heated dispute. As mediation is not a trial, it is less formal and its purpose is to reach a compromise on the facts rather than dispute the law.


Mediation is not about substantive law, but is ‘issue based.’ The competitor will receive an outline of the facts. However, some new information may come to light.

They must use a range of dispute resolution techniques to keep communication open between the parties.

Time frame

The mediation will run for 20 minutes. The mediator will provide a statement at the end as to why the resolution is acceptable for both parties. If a resolution is not reached, the mediator will explain to the parties what the best course of action is following the mediation.


Business attire is required. Competitors should avoid legal jargon and must be unbiased.


Registration has now closed.

Important Dates

Registration Closes: 13th July

Heats: 18th- 20th July

Finals: Week of 24th July