Negotiation is the least formal of the forms of alternative dispute resolution. It is about communicating with the other party to design appropriate solutions to a particular problem.

The negotiation will take place between 2 teams of two lawyers. Each team must interact with the opposing party to negotiate a settlement to the disputed matter.
Negotiations will be conducted before an adjudicator(s), who will be passive in observing the negotiation in order to provide feedback to the competitors and decide the wining team. The winner is the team who most effectively advocates their client’s position in the negotiation.

Competitors will receive a short set of general facts detailing the history of the matter and the desired outcome for their client. Having read and understood their brief, all that remains is to keep communication open and reach an agreement. The main aim of the competition is to reach an agreement to avoid any further legal action. Little legal knowledge is required.

Time frame
Each heat will run for 20 minutes, the final will run for 40 minutes.

Business attire is required. Legal jargon should be avoided although a professional attitude is expected.

DLSS Competitions Rules and Guidelines
There will be a cooling off period in which participants can withdraw or request to alter their scheduled times without any repercussions. Please email these requests to This period begins once registration closes, and ends 24 hours afterwards.
The DLSS understands that last-minute issues may arise. However, if withdrawal without good reason or notice occurs after the cooling off period, there may be a follow up by the DLSS. This can result in an inability to compete in any competitions for the remainder of the year.
The DLSS appreciates your participation in this competition. Please adhere to all rules and regulations. The relevant information will be emailed to you shortly after registration closes.

Registration is now closed.

Important Dates
Registration Closes: 10th May
Heats: 16th- 18th May
Finals: Week of 22nd May