Lander & Rogers Junior Moot


A moot is a mock trial in which teams of two are given a set of facts and must use their knowledge of the law to argue their client’s case. Each team will either appear for the plaintiff/appellant or the defendant/respondent as junior and senior counsel. Students will be assessed on their strength of argument and ability to adhere to formalities. Mooting helps students master the skills of legal research, establishing an argument on a particular point of law, public speaking and the ability to critically evaluate issues to the relevant provisions and case law.

This competition is designed for first and second year students. Therefore, the question will only draw from coursework studied in the first few weeks of Trimester one. Students are advised to learn their arguments thoroughly rather than just read off a piece of paper, as the judge will ask each student questions in relation to their arguments.

Time Frame
The Junior Moot will run for roughly 40 minutes, with each team having 15 minutes to present their case. There will be 10 minutes for feedback from the judge. Both senior and junior counsel should speak for approximately the same amount of time; ensuring they leave enough time for the judge to ask questions.

Formal language and courtesy must be maintained as general etiquette will contribute to the team’s score. Students must wear business attire.

Register here for the Junior Moot.

Important Dates
Registration Closes: 6th April

Heats: 10th- 12th April

Finals: Week of 16th April