Mergers and Acquisitions Competition

The Mergers and Acquisitions Competition (‘M&A’) is a fantastic opportunity to gain exposure to a booming area of legal practice in the commercial space. If you are eager to learn about this high-stakes area of law, we encourage you to compete!

The Deakin M&A Competition follows a hypothetical acquisition of a target corporation by a larger corporation. It comprises three distinct stages, each of which reflects how transactions of this form are coordinated in the commercial sector.

Competitors will compete in teams of two; a senior and junior counsel. Teams will approach the problem question based on a set of common facts for the initial two stages, and then confidential client instructions that specifically relate to their assigned party in the negotiation phase.


1. Written Takeover Advice

  • Stage one involves the parties drafting a Letter of Advice that addresses the key issues of the problem question in a succinct and logical manner (approx. 800 to 1000 words).
  • Don’t fret however! We will be providing a guide to the law surrounding M&A transactions.

2. Oral Takeover Advice

  • Four Teams will progress to Stage 2, based upon assessment of Stage 1;
  • Stage two involves presenting their written advice to the client;
  • The judge, who will act as the client, is open to asking questions at any stage;
  • Competitors will have 15 minutes to present their oral arguments.

3. Negotiation

  • Two teams will progress to Stage 3, based upon assessment of Stage 2;
  • Stage three requires the competitors to negotiate an agreement of sale with the opposing party;
  • Each party is provided with a written summary containing their client’s instructions.;
  • The negotiation will be allocated 40 minutes and will be followed by a 10 minute reflection by each team.


  • Stages 1 and 2 are specifically designed to introduce students to M&A in the private sector, with material provided to guide students with what may be an unfamiliar area of law;
  • Competitors with be provided with a Guide on which to base their legal advice. This is to be read in conjunction with the Corporations Act;
  • Competitors are advised to be very familiar with their written arguments in the oral stage and have a detailed plan of action when approaching the final negotiation.


Teams must maintain professionalism and business etiquette throughout the oral and negotiation stage. Business attire is essential.

Important Dates

Registration Closes: 24th August