This competition involves a team of two students acting as solicitors and conducting an initial interview with a client. Students must extract information from the client to ascertain the nature of the problem, and the client’s potential legal course of action. Preliminary advice is then offered by competitors as to whether the dispute would be more appropriately resolved in court or by another dispute resolution body, whether more research needs to be undertaken and what steps the solicitors can take to resolve the dispute. Beware: clients may be slightly reserved and secretive.


Preparation for the Client Interview is minimal. There are no pre-planned speeches and students are not expected to know the legal issues relevant to the dispute. Team members must be able to coherently ask questions without repetition and ascertain as much information from their secretive client.

Time Frame

The Client interview will last for roughly 20 minutes.


Court etiquette is not required, however, students should be polite at all times. Competitors should wear business attire.



Registration is currently open.


Important Dates

Heats: 24th to 26th July

Final: 2nd August