Institute of Psychometric Coaching

The Institute of Psychometric Coaching (IPC) specialises in preparing students for psychometric testing.

Psychometric tests usually include a combination of aptitude and personality tests, and typically take place after resume submission or your first interview with your prospective employer.

Aptitude tests are timed tests designed to measure aspects of your intelligence. Below are the most popular aptitude tests, along with a link to the test guide for each component:

Personality tests are not timed and designed to profile you based on several work-related personality attributes. Personality attributes can include your preference to work on your own, in a team, your capability to lead, adapt to new situations and cope with stress etc.
Personality test guide

The type of aptitude tests and personality dimensions measured for each job depend on the job requirements or competencies. Based on your scores on the aptitude and personality tests a profile is generated to measure how suitable you are for the job and identify relevant risks or development needs

Free practice aptitude and personality tests:

Please click on the following link to take some free aptitude tests – Free Aptitude Tests

Please click on the following link to take some free personality tests – Free Personality Tests

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