Annual General Meeting 2017

10am September 22 @ The Point

We’re pleased to announce that the Deakin Law Students’ Society Annual General Meeting will be held on September 22 from 10 am – 1 pm at The Point (Building BC, Deakin Burwood)

Our AGM is a great opportunity to find out how the DLSS has run throughout the year, hear reports from each Executive Committee Member and elect our 2018 DLSS Executive!

There are no Constitutional Amendments proposed for the AGM, although we have recently passed changes to our Constitution which you can view here.

Please arrive at 9:45 am for a prompt 10 am start. Dress code is Smart Casual!

Lunch will be provided!


The part of the AGM that everybody is excited about!

This year, we will only be holding elections for Executive positions

Since utilising the officer interview and appointment procedure for the first time at the end of 2016, the Committee has determined that this procedure is much more effective than elections for officers in providing a fair process for passionate students to join the committee.

If you would like to become involved with the DLSS as a Non-Executive Committee Member we will have a wide range of positions (over 30 officer positions!!) opening after T2 exams. We highly encourage you to attend the AGM to find out how the DLSS committee operates, what each portfolio is responsible for and vote on your 2018 Executive. This is also a great chance to meet current and future committee members, an opportunity not to be missed!

The Executive serves as the leaders of the DLSS committee and representatives of all Deakin Law Students. Each executive position has individual roles and responsibilities, with position descriptions located under the relevant position in the tabs eblow..

An overview of each executive position and nomination details can be found below!

Nominations are Now Closed and Candidate Statements have been released


Proxy Votes


If you are unable to attend the AGM but wish to vote, you may appoint someone in attendance as your proxy.


Only Deakin University Law Students who are DLSS members may vote at the AGM or submit proxy votes.



Any questions regarding the AGM or the nomination process should be directed to the DLSS Returning Officer, Nick Brewer via:


The President is a leader and spokesperson for Deakin law students whose roles is to act as a representative voice for all students on a university and national scale, oversee the strategic direction of the DLSS while promoting a welcoming and positive culture at Deakin Law School.

Candidates for this position may be asked questions upon conclusion of their speech at the AGM

Full position description

Vice President

The Vice President is responsible for the internal management of the DLSS Committee in ensuring that committee members are fulfilling their respective roles, aware of key events and deadlines, and managing the election and appointment of committee members.

Full Position Description


The role of the Secretary is to echo the values of the President and Vice President in performing a range of administrative duties. This includes arranging committee, executive and general meetings, ensuring duties under the law, Constitution and Bylaws are fulfilled, and addressing any internal or external issues that arise throughout the year.

Full Position Description

Director of Finance

The Director of Finance is responsible for the financial direction of the DLSS. This involves working with other directors to prepare budgets for events, overseeing all incoming revenue and outgoing expenses, and preparing annual reports on the financial position of the society.

Full Position Description

Director of Sponsorship

It is the role of the Director of Sponsorship to establish, maintain and improve relationships with the DLSS’ commercial sponsors within the legal industry. The Director of Sponsorship works closely alongside the other Executives, in ensuring contractual obligations are fulfilled and the committee represent our sponsors in the best possible light.

Full Position Description

Director of Activities

Social events are an essential element of life as a Deakin law student and the Director of Activities is responsible for the management of some of the largest events on the Deakin calendar, such as Law Camp, Paint Party and the Annual Deakin Law Ball. This role requires a large degree of planning, financial and people skills in order to make our social events possible.

Full Positions Description

Director of Commercial Careers

The Commercial Careers Director serves an educative and facilitative function in coordinating a range of commercial publications and events focussing on the commercial law pathway for students. This includes running our Commercial Careers Fair, Meet the Professionals Night and utilising their initiative to promote commercial opportunities to students through a range of panels and publications.

Full Position Description

Director of Communications

The DLSS website and publications are an incredible resource for students and the Director of Communications role involves communicating with other committee members and external organisations to advertise our events and produce a range of content for publication.

Full Position Description

Director of Competitions

The Director of competitions is responsible for facilitating and coordinating all internal and external competitions which Deakin participates in, and educating students through workshops and publications on skills involved in the range of competitions available. Through their planning skills and quick thinking, the Director of competitions must ensure that all competitions are conducted and judged fairly.

Full Position Description

Director of Education

The Director of Education position involves producing a range of events and publications on the education, physical and mental health, and wellbeing of Deakin Law Students. This role also involves overseeing the PALS program and creating new educational initiatives such as panels workshops and even yoga sessions.

Full Position Description

Director of Industry Careers

Not all law students want to work in corporate law, and the Director of Industry Careers is responsible for informing students as to the various career and volunteering pathways available outside commercial law. Family law, criminal law, the judicial system and government are only a taste of the industries that can be explored through events and publications coordinated through this position.

Full Position Description

Director of Marketing

Ensuring students are engaged and aware of our events is fundamental to our success in serving students. The Director of Marketing is oversees the DLSS’ physical presence on campus, social media strategy, merchandise, event ticketing and overall image.

Full Position Description

Director of Social Justice & Equity

As a new position in 2018, the Director of Social Justice & Equity will provide students with events, programs and publications focussed upon contemporary social justice concerns within Australia and internationally, issues faced by Deakin Law Students such as diversity and equality, and volunteering opportunities that students can partake in.

Full Position Description

I have loved collaborating with a wonderful team towards improving student experiences and opportunities.

10/10 Would committee again!

2017 Committee Member

If Kirby was at Deakin he would be on the committee, so why aren’t you?

Being able to see that the events your running are actually making a difference to the lives of students is a very valuable rewarding experience that I would personally recommend to all Deakin students no matter their year level.

Being able to work with like-minded individuals has given me friends for life and fulfilled me with a sense of accomplishment by helping other students throughout the year

2017 Committee Member

The best thing I have done at law school. It’s a great way to meet new students, and get involved in the organisation of competitions, social events, and career events.

Past President

A great chance to get involved and actually make a difference!

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