dlss welcome
I am extremely honoured and excited to be elected the Deakin Law Students’ Society (DLSS) President for the upcoming term. I have been involved with the DLSS since my first year, as an Education Officer, Competitions Officer and then as Director of Competitions. I am very proud to be a member for the last two and a half years and the first female president since 2008.

Deakin Law School provides a distinctive flexibility in study options, both undergraduate and post-graduate options either online or on-campus. As the body representing all Deakin Law students we need to continually focus on engaging with all Deakin students. It is an exciting challenge to be able to represent such a diverse group of people, united by this common passion for studying law.

Having been involved with the organisation and as a participant in DLSS events, I strongly encourage you to get involved with the DLSS initiatives. The many options include participating in your first competitions, attending a legal research seminar, exploring your future options at a variety of career events, or meeting some new friends at one of the social events to improve you time within the Deakin Law School Community.

Furthermore, if you have any ideas or concerns, I would love to hear about. Come forward and share them with me at either at an event, by dropping past our office or by email. As the representative body we want to produce and obtain outcomes that we students want and will be proud of.

I am a believer that leadership is about communication, understanding, team work, and respect. I aspire to producing a high level of work output and continually improve, while enjoying serving you.

I am passionate about the work DLSS does produce, and passionate about representing all Deakin Law Students. I look forward to a wonderful year and meeting you all at one of our upcoming events.

Erin Ritchie
President 2016/2017




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