Meet the Team


President | Erin Ritchie
Secretary | Max Hall
Director of Administration | Patrick Keane
Director of Finance | Stefanie Fraser
Director of Sponsorship | Lachlan Andrews
Immediate Past President | Nicholas Brewer

Finance Officer | Brittney Hodges
Sponsorship Officer | Sebastina Cross

Director of Activities | Chris Grant
Activities Officers | Justin Golin and Sophia Rasch

Director of Careers (Commercial) | Declan Cutler
Careers (Commercial) Officers | Joel Breckler and Kate Clements

Director of Careers (Industry) | Joseph Braverman
Careers (Industry) Officers| Benjamin Zerbe and Victoria Pesnikas

Director of Competitions | Chris Storton
Competitions Officers | Ella Richards, Lauren Mohammed and Richard Hobson

Director of Education | Stephanie Hill
Education Officer | Kallin Efremidis
PALS Officer | Peter Watkins

Director of Communications | Georgia Di Salle
Communication Officers | Niren Menon and Sarah Tarrant

Director of Marketing | Bridgette Dunn
Graphic Design Officer | Courtney Beacom
Social Media Officer | Remy Michelson
Events Officer | Thomas Walsh

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