The Senior Moot

Registrations have now closed. The moot guide is still available below.
To all competitors, best of luck!

What is the Senior Moot?

A moot is essentially a ‘mock’ trial where two teams compete against each other in the context of a hypothetical fact scenario in an attempt to ultimately win the case. This moot is ideally for third year law students and above. The teams will be debating issues of law and using their knowledge and skill to develop and put forward their legal arguments. The teams are required to make one written submission to the court and one oral submission to the judge. One team will be representing the plaintiff/appellant while the other team will be representing the defendant/respondent. Competitors will act as either junior or senior counsel and each team will consist of one of each.

Why compete?

Mooting is a valuable opportunity for students to apply their legal knowledge in a practical and rewarding manner. It is also an effective way for students to develop their advocacy, writing and legal research skills as well as their ability to apply the law to a set of facts and develop legal arguments. In addition, involvement in moots provides fantastic opportunities for students to expand their networks and enrich their university experience.


Mooting requires extensive preparation and legal research in the four days between students receiving their problem and competing in the moot. Students are expected to consult legal databases as well as their study materials in preparing for the moot.


Time Frame

DLSS moots run for roughly 40 minutes with each team having 20 minutes to present their case. Both senior and junior counsel should speak for roughly the same amount of time whilst leaving enough time for the judge to ask questions.


Formal language and courtesy must be maintained throughout the moot as adherence to such etiquette will contribute to the team’s score.

Dress Code

Business Formal

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Important Dates

Registration Closes
7 March 2019 (4PM)

Heats Week
11 -15 March 2019

18 – 22 March 2019 

27 March 2019

Registrations Closed

Best of luck to all registered competitors!

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