First Year
Law Camp 2019

Welcome one and all to our Law Camp held EXCLUSIVELY for our first year Law Students!

Join us for a three day all inclusive event for the price of $150. Thats right, all inclusive. But for those who need to brush up on that definition, that includes: transport to and from the camp, two nights accomodation, alcohol, DJ sets, two massive parties and activities throughout the day (+ more).

For those sitting on the fence, the DLSS encourage your attendance in what marks a unique opportunity to build lasting friendships with the cohort for your Law Degree. These people are going to be with you for the next few years, so what better way to build your support network than battling it out in Beer Pong!

Law Camp 2018 Video

A sneak-peek at what you can expect from this year’s camp

Worried about not knowing anyone at the camp?

DON’T. Meeting and making friends is the purpose of this camp, and we at the DLSS will personally ensure that everyone feels welcome and included.

Get your ticket

The DLSS stall is set up at Student Central during O Week, and you can purchase the tickets in cash with us, or online using this QPay link: 

Don’t miss out on this once a year opportunity. Cya there!