As two first-year students, Sophie and I recognise the innumerable benefits associated with partaking in the many educational events hosted by the Deakin Law School Society, especially legal competitions whereby the theoretical aspects of our degree are translated into practical workplace skill sets. As evidently educational as such contests are, the prevailing feature of our competition experience has been the tremendous fun encountered whilst strengthening both our teamwork and legal insight. Experience is the greatest gift one can offer, especially when catered to the field of practice one endeavours to enter.


Fortunately, within the second Trimester of 2018, we were able to successfully participate in the Junior Negotiation where we were granted the opportunity to represent the Burwood campus in the final heat. Together, alongside the Geelong team, we negotiated before an audience of law students, as well as lawyers from Hardwood Andrews, endeavouring to ascertain the best possible circumstances for our client. Though we did not prevail in the final heat, we have acquired perhaps the greatest reward of all; that is, the prize of knowledge and experience.


In doing so, we received expert feedback, enabling us to further hone our legal and presentational skills. Though the notion of balancing large weighted assignments, coursework and competition preparation may appear daunting, we believe this has augmented our ability to effectively coordinate our time management, strengthened our friendship and ensued further enthusiasm for the legal field.  Furthermore, competing beneath the DLSS competition portfolio has exposed ourselves to many influential and mentoring figures, who have imparted immense knowledge and instilled confidence within ourselves.