Candidate statements for the DLSS’ AGM 2018 are now available to be read. Please see below.

Take each candidate’s statement into consideration when voting occurs at the AGM on the 25th September at 6pm.



Thomas Walsh

My name is Tom Walsh and I’m incredibly excited to be running for President of the Deakin Law Students’ Society. I believe through my experience on the committee, my passion for the enhancement of law at Deakin and my drive to advocate for an improved student experience, that I am the most suitable candidate for this position.
Throughout my role as Director of Marketing, I have often been in control of the ‘bridge’ between the student body and the DLSS. Marketing facilitates accessibility, interaction and participation for the student body. Naturally, I see the President role as the ‘bridge’ between the DLSS and the Deakin Law School. This relationship is pivotal for the continued improvement of the Law School, the DLSS and student welfare, and I seek to continue and improve this relationship.
I believe my time at a commercial law firm has equipped me with networks, business acumen and inherent legal industry knowledge, to ensure that I represent the DLSS to the highest possible standard in the educational, professional (and social!) settings.
If elected, I hope to achieve the following;

  1. A streamline approach regarding communication, between Deakin Law students and the committee, so the committee can understand the educational, vocational and wellbeing concerns and needs, of the students we represent.
  2. To assertively act upon these needs and ensure they have been appropriately communicated with the Deakin Law School, where tangible changes can be made and adequately communicated back to the student body.
  3. To facilitate the growth and improvement of all portfolios within the DLSS, promote a collaborative, welcoming and productive culture within the committee, and ensure that we serve our students in the best possible way.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you all at the AGM!



Vice President

Anabelle Weinberg (First Preference)

My name is Anabelle Weinberg and I am excited to nominate myself for Vice President of the Deakin Law Students’ Society for the 2018/2019 term.
My involvement with the DLSS began when I was elected as a First Year Representative (2017) and has continued through my role as Marketing Officer (2018). Both positions have been central to the DLSS and have allowed me to work closely with all portfolios and develop a well-founded understanding of how the committee functions. With two years of contribution and experience on the DLSS, spread over two separate portfolios, assisting in all events/initiatives, I firmly believe I am the best candidate for the position.
Attending the Australian Law Students’ Association September Council has motivated me to implement ideas discussed at the forum to further improve the DLSS and benefit the educational, professional, social and wellbeing lives of all Deakin Law students.
If elected as Vice President for the upcoming term, I aim to focus on:

  1. Acting as a mentor and first point of call to new and continuing committee members.
  2. Actively fostering a positive and inclusive committee culture by developing close relations with all directors and officers through continual meetings and social initiatives, such as retreat.
  3. Prioritising committee members’ health and wellbeing to prevent people burning out and assuring everyone is at their best throughout what can be a stressful year.
  4. Ensure a balance is achieved between making sure all members are enjoying themselves whilst holding people accountable to the expected standards of their role.  

This position comes with a massive responsibility; however, I promise to bring an open and innovative mindset and commit wholeheartedly to the role of Vice President and to the society as a whole.

Claudia Lyons (First Preference)

The role of Vice President is a new, exciting and rewarding role within the DLSS. I am a social, friendly and outgoing and have a deep level of commitment to the Deakin Law Students’ Society. Therefore, I am applying for the role because I would love to give back to the society and become the support system for those working hard in the committee. I have spent this year first as a communications officer and have been recently elected into the Director position, therefore have experience within an executive position.
As Vice President, it is my goal to ensure that every student’s voice is heard. In the publication Et Cetera, I have reached out to many students in the last few months to contribute with an article about an interest of theirs. As a member of the committee, I have learned the value of a strong support system. It is my aim to ensure that every member is achieving their goals whilst looking after themselves and their mental health. My outgoing and friendly demeanour is perfectly suited to this role as committee members know that they can come to me with any issues without fear of judgement.
Additionally, the role of Vice President requires managing the committee team to ensure deadlines are met and optimal attendance at events is achieved. I have copious leadership experience in student roles and in professional working environments and have the necessary skills to ensure that the expectations are adhered to.
As a devoted team member I would love to take this opportunity to further the success of the Deakin Law Students’ Society and all of the students who dedicate their time to it.




Anabelle Weinberg (Second Preference)

My name is Anabelle Weinberg and I am excited to nominate myself for Secretary of the Deakin Law Students’ Society for the 2018/2019 term.
I have been a DLSS committee member for two years, initially as First Year Representative (2017) and then as Marketing Officer (2018). This sustained involvement in the DLSS has given me a strong understanding of our Constitution, Bylaws and relevant responsibilities. This year I have already shown competence in one responsibility of the position through efficiently providing accurate minutes for committee and executive meetings.
Attending the Australian Law Students’ Association September Council has motivated me to improve the DLSS through the role of Secretary and implement ideas discussed at the forum and within the DLSS, for example, the possibility of online elections and voting at the 2019 AGM.
If elected as Secretary for the upcoming term, I aim to focus on:

  1. Ensuring the DLSS always acts in accordance to its legislative and Constitutional obligations and responsibilities. In addition to this, maintaining and updating the Constitution and Bylaws where necessary.
  2. Providing clear communication and transparency in regard to upcoming meetings, executive meetings, Special General Meetings and the Annual General Meeting. This extends to a commitment to providing of clear and accurate minutes of such meetings in a timely manner.
  3. Bringing an innovative mindset to the role of Secretary and look for new ways to improve procedures and communication to benefit the immediate and future committee members.
  4. Ensuring the values of the DLSS, President and Vice President are echoed throughout the society.

I pride myself on my organisation and dedication to the DLSS and see myself as the best fit for the role of Secretary.

Claudia Lyons (Second Preference)

As a well-organised, hard-working and outgoing member of the DLSS, I believe I would be fantastic as Secretary. The role of Secretary is vital to the running of the Deakin Law Students’ Society and I believe I would fulfil the role with enthusiasm and ease. Secretary is a highly administrative role which requires excellent organisation and time management skills. In my time as a Communications Officer and then Director, I have been producing articles and organising the monthly publication of Et Cetera with timeliness and clear communication.
The Secretary is highly involved with the law school, law students and the DLSS committee, managing the available roles’ election and appointment processes. This requires clear communication organisation skills, which I possess. Additionally, an important role of Secretary is writing the agenda and minutes for committee meetings. My communications background will ensure that this role is completed to a high standard (and I will thoroughly enjoy it).
I have leadership experience as a student, in high school and university, as well as a current managerial role in a professional environment. I am very comfortable leading large groups of people and clearly communicating with a team. I am passionate about searching for ways to improve the society and the way it is run. The Secretary is a critical role to ensure the legal and constitutional obligations of the society are met. I am dedicated to fulfilling this role within the committee and would resolve any challenges head on.



Director of Finance

Benjamin Scaramozzino

Hello law students and the wider Deakin Community,
My name is Benjamin and I am applying for the position of Director of Finance for the 2019 DLSS Committee. A very important role within the Committee, the Director of Finance offers me a new opportunity to challenge myself in a new capacity whilst also giving back to the DLSS, who have provided me with so much knowledge and opportunity as a law student.
In charge of everything related to money within the DLSS I am well aware of the serious and important responsibilities I will be instructed with. Finances and funds provided by sponsors and the wider community are the pivotal tool that enables the DLSS to provide so many events and opportunities that benefit the Deakin Law Students cohort. Experiencing these events and opportunities first hand, I want to be able to be play a significant role within the society that will go bigger and better in 2019. Importantly one significant factor I want to develop within this position is to build a better and more stronger relationship between the Sponsorship and Finance portfolios. Both departments frequently work hand in hand with each other and I feel bigger a collaboration between us will greatly benefit the DLSS as a whole and each individual portfolio through funding, network and professional opportunities.
Technically speaking I am well aware about the tasks and roles that are required for this position through consultation with this years Director Tara. As the Director in charge of the DLSS finances I will make monetary decisions that are in the best interest of the DLSS and importantly the wider Deakin Law Student Cohort. I have extensive monetary and accounting experience and am therefore confident in my ability to succeed in the technical aspects of this role. I will ensure that the society’s finances are accurate and correct through proper recording of incoming and outgoing revenue. I will ensure that the portfolios are provided with the necessary finances in a timely and professional manner.
On a personal level, I am a third year student studying a Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of International Studies and currently undertaking a semester exchange at the University of British Columbia in Canada. Here I am trying to make the most of the outdoors by learning to ski, climbing beautiful mountains, and catching the biggest fish.
Thank you for reading my application and I look forward to receiving your vote at the 2018 AGM.

Sarah Tucker

My name is Sarah Tucker and I would love the opportunity to be the Director of Finance for the Deakin Law Students’ Society in 2019.
Finance really does underpin all aspects of an organisation, which is why effective management of the society’s financial affairs is vital to our success. I believe the skills I’ve gained from acting as the DLSS Finance Officer in 2018, in addition to majoring in Accounting makes me a great candidate to take on this important responsibility.
I have a thorough understanding of XERO (our accounting software), the protocol for DLSS bank reconciliations and the requirements for the preparation of the society’s income tax worksheets, all of which are imperative to the smooth running of the DLSS.  I also just really love a good spreadsheet.
As Director of Finance I would work closely with each portfolio to ensure we effectively allocate funds and therefore provide Deakin Law students with the best events possible. I believe it is essential that the society balances being financially frugal, with also being somewhat flexible and ‘living a little.’ This is something I would work to achieve through encouraging wider committee participation in the preparation of budgets.  
I understand that the role of Director of Finance is more than just a commitment to the Finance portfolio, and I am excited by the possibility of contributing to the executive team and broader Deakin Law community.  I would bring a range of new ideas to the role, as there is always room to improve.
I have really enjoyed my time as Finance Officer for the DLSS in 2018 and would love to apply the skills I’ve learnt by taking on the challenge of Director of Finance for 2019.
Thank you!


Director of Sponsorship

Lachlan Morgan

I am applying for the position of ‘Director of Sponsorship’, I believe I will be a perfect fit for this role for the following reasons:
First, as a result of my previous position as commercial careers officer, I have already developed strong ties with the HR representatives of various top and middle tier firms. Further, through the setting up of various initiatives for the commercial careers portfolio, I have worked alongside with the former director of sponsorship and hence have a reasonable insight into what is required to execute the role effectively.
Secondly, through various experiences; whether it be hosting a Q&A panel of firm representatives for the commercial careers fair, representing Deakin University in the 2018 ALSA negotiations, or representing Deakin in the 24th annual Vis Moot I have learnt how to present myself and communicate my ideas in a confident and persuasive manner. In light of this, I believe I will be a strong and confident mouthpiece of the Deakin Law Student Society to the various law firms that we want sponsoring our events.
Thirdly, my ability to work effectively in a collaborative team is exemplified through the various forms of success the commercial careers portfolio and I have achieved to date. I intend to employ such skills (as director of sponsorship) in working collaboratively with various portfolios so as to ensure that each portfolio receives the requisite resources in sponsorship.

Munir Abdul

Hello, my name is Munir Abdul and I would like to nominate myself for the position of Director of Sponsorship for the 2018/19 Deakin Law Students’ Society Committee.
After a very successful year in my role as a Commercial Careers Officer, I believe I have established a foundation that will see me thrive as your Director of Sponsorship. My interpersonal and general communication skills have been exhibited and evidenced throughout the year via hosting panels and seminars with firm representatives. My skill and competency to negotiate on behalf of the DLSS is reaffirmed by my history as a grand finalist in a national negotiation competition. Furthermore, my personal work experience within private practice and in-house roles in the legal industry have provided me with not only a strong corporate etiquette, but with insight in how to engage with those from the profession.
As Deakin Law Students, we are very fortunate to have incredible sponsors that work with the DLSS to provide us with invaluable opportunities. Being able to be play a pivotal role in the development of these relationships whilst helping foster opportunities is something I am committed to. I also understand the responsibility that comes with this role, therefore I aim to play an active role engaging with sponsors and portfolio directors to ensure that we are not only meeting expectations, but continually exceeding them.
If given the privilege of being your Director of Sponsorship, I will work tirelessly to ensure that as Deakin law students we are provided with the best possible opportunities whilst continually working to strengthen our relationships with all our sponsors.



Director of Activities

Brookelyn Hill

My name is Brookelyn and I am currently an activities officer on the DLSS. This year I have had the absolute pleasure to help run the activities portfolio, with my fellow officers. I have been given many wonderful opportunities and responsibilities throughout the year.
This year I would love to be given the opportunity to run as director for this portfolio. I believe my previous experience, will not only provide me with necessary skills to tackle the role, but also provide a basis on areas that we may be able to improve upon. These responsibilities have allowed myself to acquire an extensive range of contacts, that may assist with future deals and venues. I believe this will be extremely beneficial when organising events in the future, whereby venue managers and other contractors, already have a familiar face to work with.
This year I wish to get my hands dirty and re-shape the activities portfolio to be the best it can possibly be, in order to benefit students. I believe that the relationships you build, early on within your law degree, is what will help carry you through to success. I would love to continue to provide further direction and assist in the foundation of these relationships. Through my experience of running events, alongside my team, I have been able to observe areas that need improvement. These areas include: a more facilitated law camp that is tailored to developing relationships, reconstruction of events to reduce repetitiveness and a need to cater for a wider range of year levels.
I am full of ideas and bursting at the seams to dive into another successful year within the DLSS. I am passionate about making a change within this portfolio and I hope that I may be given the opportunity to do so.



Director of Competitions

Julia Mollica

My name is Julia Mollica and I am running for the position of Direction of Competitions for 2019. Throughout 2018 I have been on the DLSS as a competitions officer and as a result of this role, I have been able gain insight into the role of Director of Competitions and have also begun to identify what works well, and what can be improved upon within the portfolio.
Whilst I have experience within the portfolio, I believe that in order to continue to serve the students, the portfolio needs to continue to develop and innovate. Next year, I hope to introduce a competition that will encourage students to use various forms of emerging technology to solve issues relating to access to justice.
I believe there needs to be changes to the way competitions are currently run to ensure standardisation of scores and higher participation rates. I would love to run several workshops throughout the year, teaching students from all years how to moot, negotiate and interview clients.  I also hope to work with the sponsorship team and with firms to provide greater incentives for the winning teams. Furthermore, I think it is important that finals held at the firms provide attending students with the opportunity to network with lawyers.
Recently, I have been selected to attend the upcoming ALSA conference. There, I intend on engaging with law societies from across Australia to discuss and understand how they work to engage the whole student community through competitions. Furthermore, I aim to discuss with them how to develop competitions that reflect the rapidly changing nature of the legal industry.
In voting for me as Director of Competitions, I will work to expand the competitions portfolio through the introduction of new competitions and encourage greater involvement in current competitions through workshops and competitions guides.


Director of Commercial Careers

Niren Menon

After having spent a year as your director of Industry Careers at the DLSS, I believe that making the change from an industry to a more commercially focused role is a challenge I am very much am looking forward to.
I have not gone through the commercial clerkship process this year, but I have seen a lot of my close friends go through the process. As an outsider looking into it, I see a lot of scope for our society in terms of how we can better prepare and support our clerkship applicants and that is firmly on my agenda if you vote for me as director.
I also want to improve on knowledge about the clerkship process for students in their earlier years as the longer you are aware about what the pathway is, the better prepared you will be when it eventually comes to drafting those cover letters and resumes!
It is no secret that we have a reputation as a law school for being commercially astute, and I want to ensure that this remains the case for years to come. Commercial Career initiatives, including Meet the Professionals, The Commercial Careers Fair, Mock Interviews and the Clerkship Guide are all events that have become vital to the functioning of the Law School and while it does require a tremendous amount of an organisation in a particular period of time, I believe I have what it takes to bring these events to the student body in the best way possible!
Ensuring we set the best impression to firms when it comes to holding such events is vital as it makes such a difference when applying for a clerkship.
As your director, maintaining our sterling reputation and bringing these events to you will be my top priority.



Director of Education

Vernon Singh

My name is Vernon and I am an Industry Careers Officer.
The heart of Education is to excel students in law school: equip them with appropriate skills and confidence upon graduation. One way to achieve this is to have interactive workshops throughout the year.
Law school is stressful. As someone who is nearing the end of their degree, gone through the struggles and has tried what has or hasn’t worked, I understand what most students are going through.
We experience copious amounts of pressure and high expectations from family members. I want to enlighten students that a healthy study-life and work-life balance is achievable. Students need to hear people in the legal profession share how they overcame struggles in law school and in their career. Each student should be aware of the services the profession provides for two reasons: they know where to go and they won’t be deterred from pursuing a career in the legal profession.
Furthermore, bridging the gap between us and online students is something Education should focus on. Having materials designed for cloud and JD students is invaluable. Many are mature aged, work full-time, have kids, all while juggling a law degree, thus sacrificing the chance to benefit from our events.
I have been a mentor for the Faculty of Business and Law, so I am familiar with the support services offered at Deakin. As an Industry Officer, I understand the inner workings of a portfolio. I have also been given greater responsibility by my director towards the end of the year and will have hosted Industry’s last event, the IP in Law Panel.
If elected in 2019, I will harness everything I have learnt in university and work to be a forward thinking and approachable Director for Education.


Director of Marketing

Clare Carroll

My name is Clare Carroll and I would be honoured to be your Marketing Director for 2019.  
Having spent the last year on the Marketing Portfolio, not only have I gained important skills necessary for this role I have also come to recognise and appreciate the importance of how we utilise social media and marketing to not only provide accessibility to students, but also represent the law student body to the wider community.  
Over the past year, I have been able to learn about the best techniques to maintain a strong and consistent social media presence. I have become well versed in the processes involved with QPay, designing, organising, distributing merchandise, marketing events and developing a strategy on tackling O’Week. I aim to use these skills to the best of my ability to maintain our existing relationship we have with students while also improve upon and expand our current reach online across all Deakin students.
I have always been very passionate about the power that comes with being continuously present across several social media platforms. In the next year I hope to improve our presence not only on Facebook and Instagram but also LinkedIn, which in turn can provide many benefits to students, including strengthening reputations and ties with professionals in the corporate world.
I am confident I can add value to the Marketing Portfolio and should you choose to vote for me, I promise to not take this role lightly and will remain whole-heartedly committed to my role as Marketing Director.



Director of Social Justice and Equity

Rachel Curtis

This year I have had the incredible experience being a part of the DLSS in the role of a Social Justice and Equity officer. It has been fantastic to help launch this portfolio into what it is today and witness first-hand the positive impact it had in its first year running. Our focus this year was motivating and inspiring both law students and extended community to consider issues of social justice and their impact. I was so excited by the large number of students who attended our ‘Volunteer handbook’ launch, it makes me proud to be part of a forward-thinking institution. As social justice director, I hope to continue to work alongside my team in running innovative events and networking opportunities. I would love to assist other law students in finding their confidence to get involved, volunteer and utilize their degrees for ethical practise. In targeting pressing issues in society and pushing the envelope, we can ultimately work towards a solution through starting the conversation, legal problem-solving and understanding.
Since year 7 I have always been involved in various social justice committees and this same passion still drives me today. A career and interest in social justice has both personal and commercial benefit, and I aim to run future events to reiterate the success in collaborating the two. Thus, assisting other students in reaching their full potential through their passion.
I believe Deakin Law students have the capacity to create change on both a domestic and international scale, and I aim to push the portfolio to new heights in 2019.  

Rebekah de Keijzer

Hi Everyone! My name is Rebekah de Keijzer and I am very proud to be running for Director of Social Justice and Equity in 2019.
I am incredibly passionate about social justice and creating better accessibility to legal justice for minorities within society. I also believe there is a huge potential for law students to use their degrees for good- in advocating for marginalised groups and influencing a fairer legal system overall.
I have had extensive experience volunteering with a number of social justice-focused organisations- including Oaktree, Oxfam, World Vision and Campaign for Australian Aid. Most recently, I was honoured to hold the position of Social Justice and Equity Officer on the DLSS this year. I am very proud of all the incredible milestones this portfolio achieved in its first year. This experience has also given me an understanding of what it takes to run a portfolio like Social Justice and Equity and left me inspired with ideas for 2019. I would love to hold events focused on refugee policy, environmental law, careers in social justice, legal education within prisons (in conjunction with the PLEA Project) and continue promoting student involvement with Community Legal Centres.  
In my final year of study, it would be an honour to hold the position of Director of Social Justice and Equity. The potential social justice has to positively impact the law and lives of so many is one of the major reasons I decided to undertake a law degree. In voting for me as Director of Social Justice and Equity, I will remain steadfast in my commitment to promote social justice amongst the student body and continue to build upon the excellent work this portfolio did in 2017.
Thank you for your consideration!