Previously named the Director of Administration, not only has the name of this role changed, but a reform to this position as a whole has taken place. The VP will be responsible for the internal management and direction of the committee. The President will be chiefly responsible for all communication with external bodies such as the Law School, the Secretary will take a greater administrative role than previous years in order to ensure reports and documents are submitted to the relevant bodies, and the VP echo the values of the President in taking on a great deal of responsibility for the inner-workings of the DLSS.

The VP will need to be able to foster a beneficial committee culture with clear expected workloads and deadlines that must be met by all committee members. As such, they will be in regular contact with every committee member in this truly universal role. At times they may need to issue warnings and take further action towards committee members who are not performing their duties but they should also be able to offer advice and help to ensure this is occurs as infrequently as possible.

In taking on this role, you must be prepared to overcome a range of time pressures, be able to address the performance of your peers, manage the competing interests and workloads of a large student group, and serve as a role model with clear values that should be followed by the committee. The ideal candidate for this position is an approachable people’s person who is extremely organised and passionate about the work of the DLSS committee. You should also be looking for new ways to improve committee events, communication and procedures over the course of your term and into the future.

This is a very rewarding role as you will develop highly refined leadership and communication skills amongst an amazing group of passionate and dedicated law students. There is no doubt that the role of the VP will be a very large time commitment, and you must be prepared to, at times, prioritise DLSS duties over a range of personal, work and academic obligations. Positions on the DLSS committee are very competitive, primarily because of the positive environment for students and high regard for our committee. For this reason the VP must ensure that all committee members and themselves are best representing all Deakin Law Students.

The VP will oversee the appointment of officers upon commencement of their term and will be responsible for monitoring the roles of first year representatives after they are elected in early trimester 1.

Key responsibilities

  • Fostering a friendly culture within the DLSS;
  • Ensuring deadlines are met and fair workloads are maintained;
  • Keeping the committee informed of upcoming initiatives and deadlines;
  • Offering assistance when a committee member is struggling with their workload;
  • Acting as a disciplinary figure when deadlines are continually not met or other issues arise.
  • Promote an innovative, productive and welcoming environment within the DLSS committee and more generally at the Deakin Law School.
  • Ensuring effective communication is maintained within the committee
  • Running DLSS committee meetings

For this position, a year on the LSS is required in order to apply.