The Secretary is responsible for the administrative management of the DLSS Executive and Committee. This role carries with it a large amount of responsibility, however, is a very rewarding leadership position.

The Secretary has a range of legislative and constitutional obligations and is responsible for ensuring that the DLSS and each committee member perform their legal obligations. The Secretary is also in charge of ensuring that committee members are undertaking their constitutional duties and following the direction of the DLSS Executive. This involves acting to prevent and address any internal or external grievances that may arise in your term, and ensuring committee members attend meetings and events.

As a highly administrative role, the Secretary is responsible for ensuring that notice is given of committee and executive meetings and that accurate minutes are taken. The Secretary is responsible for the non-financial records of the society, and should have a very strong understanding of the DLSS Constitution and Bylaws, and is committed to updating and maintaining these documents, therefore they must understand the responsibilities and function of each committee position.

With the recent inclusion of the Vice President role on the DLSS, the role of Secretary will shift from assisting the President with the strategic direction of the society and more towards ensuring that the values of the President and VP are echoed throughout the society.

One of the largest responsibilities of the Secretary is organising the Annual General Meeting and any Special General Meetings that may occur throughout the year. They will also be essential in carrying out the appointment process for officers, and any casual vacancies that might arise.

Essential skills:

  • Impeccable organisation and time management skills;
  • Ability to coordinate teams of people;
  • Friendly and approachable disposition;
  • Ability to conduct oneself in a professional manner;
  • Ability to advise committee peers when they are not fulfilling their duties;
  • Ability to be flexible and be committed to these duties.

In addition to completing all specific duties the Secretary is also expected to:

  • Coordinate  committee meetings;
  • Attend all DLSS functions, competition finals, camps, careers events and other prescribed seminars/meetings/events;
  • Represent and give a voice to over eleven hundred law students in ensuring their representative committee meets expectations;
  • Act in accordance with the DLSS Constitution; and
  • Check and reply to DLSS emails and messages on a daily basis.

The Secretary can expect to spend approximately 15 hours per week on Committee duties. As Secretary you must maintain a good working relationship with each committee member, as you are not only the administrative arm of the committee but also a leader that committee members should turn to when they are having difficulty with balancing their DLSS duties with study and work.

For this position, a year on the LSS is required in order to apply.