The President is the spokesperson for the Deakin Law Students’ Society (DLSS). It is no mean feat setting the direction of a voluntary committee of over 30 law students, and representing the view and interests of all Deakin law students across a range of campuses and online. With the inclusion of the role of VP in 2018, the President will shift from overseeing the internal management of the DLSS committee, and instead take on a greater advocacy role for law students and set the tone and values for the year ahead of the DLSS. Your success will ultimately come down to your ability to prioritise competing pressures from a myriad of sources. Your responsibilities are extensive and the time you have to learn all the ropes, adjust how you think, and make decisions that not only resonate with your committee but balance your responsibility to both Deakin law students and external stakeholders is limited.

But where you find adversity and challenges, the rewards you will discover both on a personal and professional capacity are vast and incomparable. Very few leadership positions offer the level of exposure and insight to the legal profession and the inner-workings of running a law degree than the President of an LSS, and fewer still are as rewarding in the level of growth and maturity you will garner from really immersing yourself in the role. You will meet a number of amazing, skilled and successful individuals/professionals, and consequently gain great perspective in a number of areas, particularly outside of the law. You will find out what it really means to lead and work in a team, and find some valuable life experience behind the meaning of ‘collegiate’. You will also feel a great deal of satisfaction in watching your committee grow throughout the year.

The year you spend as the President is whatever you choose to put into it. No two Presidents have the same experiences, and for that reason no two years for the DLSS are the same. In running for the role, you have elected to embark on a life-changing experience, with the possibilities limited only to your enthusiasm for the task. There will however be a range of ups and downs throughout the year, and the time committment involved in this role will likely require you, at times, to set aside other plans and obligations in prioritising DLSS committments.

Key responsibilities:

  • Overseeing the strategic direction of the Society.
  • Ensuring proper budgetary control over the Society’s operating position.
  • Working with key stakeholders including: the Deakin Law School, Legal Profession Sector, Law Institute of Victoria, Australian Law Students’ Association and other student bodies and unions.
  • Communicating with the Society’s seven portfolios to ensure a diverse range of events is delivered to the Deakin University student population.

Must be able to balance your responsibility to: ALL Deakin law students (Burwood, Geelong, Warrnambool, LLB and JD) in providing a range of services, events, career opportunities and educational assistance; and sponsors (commercial and non-commercial).

Key skills that will help with the role:

  • Strong leadership skills.
  • Strong time management and organisational skills.
  • Strong legal and professional etiquette and writing skills.
  • Strong oratory skills.
  • Academic skills (not as a reflection of academic prowess, but as a reflection of your ability to juggle competing responsibilities – through strong academics is a bonus).
  • Constant social, moral, ethical and professional awareness of the legal profession and the needs of all Deakin law students.
  • Commercial acumen (highly recommended).
  • Must be available all of the Summer break for a number of duties.
  • Strong personal support network (highly recommended, not essential)

For this position, a year on the LSS is required in order to apply.