The role of Director of Sponsorship is one of the most important positions in the society. You are the first point of contact between the DLSS and the sponsors that engage with us.  In this role, your job is to organise, approach and secure the sponsorship of professional organisations, as well as long-standing legal sponsors. It often becomes a balancing act of the needs of the DLSS and the needs of the sponsor. This role is important not only because of the benefits it brings to the DLSS, but also because it interacts so heavily with the legal profession.

As Director of Sponsorship you will be responsible for maintaining constant communication with representatives from some of Australia’s largest law firms and professional service firms. Once all sponsorship deals are settled in March and trimester one begins, your role also becomes one of giving advice and general management of those initiatives that are sponsored. You will liaise between directors and firms to ensure events run smoothly and that all expectations are met.

The role is both challenging and exciting, with the potential to give you a broad understanding of the legal industry. All applicants should have extremely strong communication and interpersonal skills and any professional experience within similar roles will be a huge benefit.

Key Skills:

  • Interpersonal Skills;
  • Time management;
  • Strong corporate etiquette;
  • Must be available during all of summer break;
  • Strong communication skills to ensure obligations are understood;
  • Ability to work in a team and individually;



  • Research new sponsorship opportunities;
  • Designing and drawing up a prospectus based upon advice of the portfolio directors and the president;
  • Approach relevant organisations to sponsor the society;
  • Organising and attending sponsorship meetings;
  • Maintaining current sponsorship relationships;
  • Negotiate and conclude sponsorship deals on behalf of the DLSS;
  • Participate in all DLSS run and sanctioned events;
  • Plan and action financial plans to underwrite portfolio losses; and
  • Advise and consult with all portfolios regarding Sponsorship arrangements, obligations and financial prudency;
  • Ensuring sponsor expectations are met;

From the beginning of November through to March it is expected that a time commitment be made of 20 or more hours every week. After sponsorship negotiations are completed this time commitment becomes up to 10 hours per week.

For this position, a year on the LSS is required in order to apply.