Director of Social Justice & Equity will be responsible for managing the area of social justice on behalf of the Deakin Law Students’ Society, which is a broad field encapsulating many areas such as homelessness, issues concerning refugees, gender equality, human rights and many other areas. The Director will be expected to promote social justice through publications, panel events and organising speeches.

This is a new position for 2018 which was previously looked after by the Education and Industry Careers directors of the DLSS. We decided that this position is broad enough in scope to become standalone. This means that the director will be able to focus on social justice issues affecting the wider community, as well as those affecting the legal profession and students in particular.

Key responsibilities:

  • Producing publications and events on various social justice issues
  • Informing the student body on these issues
  • Facilitating student action in order to make a difference to our community

Other responsibilities:

  • Attending committee meetings
  • Attending all DLSS events
  • Acting in accordance with DLSS constitution
  • Checking DLSS emails regularly

As a new executive position, it is estimated that the time commitment of this role i will vary depending on initiatives running and the rime of the year. Expect to commit an average of 10 to 15 hours per week depending on the number of DLSS related events occurring.