The Director of Marketing is primarily responsible for the brand and image of the Deakin Law Students’ Society. Leading the Marketing Portfolio and your three officers, you will be the bridge between the society and our student base, ensuring that we successfully promote our events and initiatives whilst upholding a positive relationship with our members.

Memberships for the DLSS and associated benefits are organised and sold by the Marketing portfolio, so you can expect to be in constant communication with members. You will also be liaising with other committee members to promote their events, a process that generally involves drafting marketing plans and assisting in the creation of artwork to ensure that the DLSS reaches their intended target audience and maximises attendance. In this regard, a background in marketing or graphic design is highly sought after. You will also be responsible for event ticketing, predominantly via liaising with an external body to manage payment and student queries. This requires a great deal of communication and patience.

You will be in charge of our social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.), and can expect to work closely with the Director of Communications in the upkeep of our website. Photography at the majority of DLSS events (bar Activities events, where professional photographers are used) will be in your control, and you will be required to edit, screen and upload photos for our members to view.

Additionally, you will be responsible for the creation of DLSS merchandising, such as hoodies, t-shirts and membership cards. Innovation in this regard is welcomed and encouraged, as we are constantly looking for new ways to reach students.

Finally, you will be required to organise O-Week. This is your largest single responsibility of the year, as it is our first and best chance to promote the DLSS brand to new students. Similarly, you may also be asked to co-ordinate a DLSS booth at Open Day.

Time required:

Between 10 and 20 hours each week, but may exceed this in the lead up to O-Week and before major events.

Key roles:

  • Promoting and bettering the DLSS brand
  • Acting as the bridge between students and the DLSS
  • Leading a team of two officers (Graphic Design Officer and Marketing Officer)
  • Organising promotional events such as O Week and Open Day
  • Distributing memberships and addressing any membership enquiries/ complaints that come your way
  • Designing promotional materials and merchandising in conjunction with the Graphic Design officer
  • Liaising with all committee members to promote their events and initiatives
  • Representing and giving a voice to over eleven hundred law students;
  • Attending all DLSS meetings
  • Attending all DLSS functions, competition grand finals, camps, careers events and other prescribed seminars/meetings/events
  • Acting in accordance with the DLSS Constitution


  • Leadership, time management, organisation, patience, dedication
  • Graphic design acumen advantageous