Director of Finance

As Director of Finance you are personally liable for all of the Society’s cash inflows and outflows – a seemingly daunting task. However, being organised can help overcome this unnerving thought.

A background in Commerce, majoring in accounting is preferable. Please do not apply if you have limited or no understanding of financial terminology, accounting procedures, or how to budget.


  • Filing and organising all outgoing expenses and incoming revenue;
  • Preparing budgets for other portfolios;
  • Making financial sensible decisions as to whether a project shall proceed or not;
  • Depositing any cash or cheques received by society;
  • Organising to have signatories changed on the DLSS’ existing bank accounts;
  • Completing and lodging annual statements for the DLSS;
  • Providing constructive advice to portfolio’s on their plans for expenditure;
  • Maintaining a level of professional confidentiality surrounding sensitive financial matters;
    • Liaising with societies accountant;
    • Overseeing the finance officer’s duties;
    • Preparing financial reports for the term you are elected and presenting these at the AGM.


This non-exhaustive list gives an idea of what tasks are expected, but it does not encompass the fact that the Director of Finance needs to be over all issues surrounding the DLSS and be able to account for all its financial movements.

In addition to completing all specific duties the Director of Finance is also expected to:

  • Attend committee meetings;
  • Attend all DLSS functions, competition finals, camps, careers events and other prescribed seminars/meetings/events;
  • Represent and give a voice to over eleven hundred law students;
  • Contribute to DLSS publications;
  • Act in accordance with the DLSS Constitution; and
  • Check DLSS emails regularly.