The Director of Competitions is responsible for facilitating and coordinating all internal and external competitions which Deakin participates in. The Deakin Law Students’ Society annually runs eight internal competitions: Deakin Moot, Junior Moot, Client Interview, Mergers and Acquisitions, Witness Examination, Mediation, Deals, First Year Negotiation and Paper & Oral. If any of these competitions are to be removed from the calendar year due to lack of funding and/or sponsorship, it is at the discretion of the Director of Competitions. Similarly, when these competitions are run and how they are conducted is also at the discretion of the Director. Large amounts of autonomy allow the Director of Competitions to implement new competitions for the benefit of the student body.

Organisation is absolutely essential for the success of the portfolio. With the creation of a competitions calendar created over the summer to accommodate all mitigating events e.g. clerkship applications, interviews and other major society events, the Director has set themselves a base upon which to build their year. However, the level of organisation required per competition is incredibly high and must be maintained for the timespan upon which the competitions are run. All competition questions, if possible, must be sourced before the commencement of the academic year to ensure the calendar can be adhered too. This also saves hours upon hours of extra work during the year.

Persistence is key when convincing academic to judge heats. Door knocking and emailing are the usual methods of convincing academics however, extra efforts may have to be put in if these methods aren’t working. Forward planning is necessary to ensure rooms are secured for heats, competition finals are conducted and registration is opened for an appropriate length of time. It is a rewarding position which provides students with a competitive outlet to further their practical legal skills. I would encourage any hardworking, organised and committed person to apply for this position, although sometimes quite stressful, it is very enjoyable and rewarding position.

Key responsibilities

  • Prepare the competition timeline
  • Convincing academics to prepare new problem questions over the summer
  • Liaising with corporate sponsors to secure a competition final date
  • Finalising marking guides, general instructions and advice for all competitions
  • Securing academics to judge competition heats
  • Organising the heat allocations
  • Securing room bookings to conduct all competition heats
  • Supervising and coordinating the supervision of all heats
  • Coordinating and briefing the Geelong LSS before all competitions by supplying them with all necessary information
  • Outsourcing the production of competition trophies over the summer
  • Purchasing presents for all competition judges/sponsors
  • Organising Semi-finals and finals for competitions
  • Facilitating the registration and administration of all external competitions
  • Managing and leading the portfolio as a team
  • Understanding the tasks appropriate for officers and delegating responsibly.

Time commitment

  • Facilitating nine internal competitions in addition to all external competitions requires consistent work all year completed with persistence and dedication. On average during a week that has non heats being conducted the work load is approximately 6+ hours, during a heat week it can be 15+ hours. This does not include the work outsourced to officers. l.