Previously known as Director of Communications, the head of the Publications portfolio will be required to manage a team to produce content and publications on behalf of the DLSS for our audience. You will be working with your team and fellow committee members to serve the DLSS.

All roles in the future require candidates who have a keen eye for creating and sourcing content in a team environment. The portfolio requires a leader who is passionate about connecting our students with the DLSS’ many services.

It is favourable, but not necessary, that candidates have experience in using WordPress and Adobe Photoshop, Indesign and/or other design programs in order to produce a high level of content and maintain high standards for the DLSS website.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Managing the Publications portfolio, overseeing the work of your officers;
  • Overseeing the operation of the DLSS website (;
  • Producing and publishing the First Year Guide for O-Week 2017;
  • Producing and sourcing a high standard of diverse and interesting content for the monthly Et Cetera newsletter;
  • Working collaboratively with executive committee members to plan creation and publication of content;
  • Receiving website content from various portfolios;
  • Implementing sponsorship agreements in publications and online material through contact with the Director of Sponsorship;
  • Co-ordinating social media use with Marketing portfolio;
  • Responding to and delegating committee and external emails and requests;
  • Holding informal meetings with Communication portfolio team to plan, discuss and create new content;
  • Resolving IT related issues promptly and effectively;
  • Responding to committee emails diligently and promptly;
  • Driving innovative projects that provide value to our students.


Time Commitment

  • The time commitment required for this role will vary greatly. On the whole, the Director of Communications can expect to spend 8-12 hours a week on their DLSS obligations, with that commitment increasing significantly in the lead up to the beginning of Trimester 1 2017 with the publication of the First Year Guide.
  • There will also be an increase in time commitment leading up to the releases of the monthly newsletter, Et Cetera.

DLSS Duties

  • Attend committee meetings;
  • Attendance at all DLSS functions, competitions and events;
  • Referring on external inquiries to relevant committee members;
  • Consistent use of committee email.