The Director of Activities at the DLSS is responsible for the management of all social events on the DLSS calendar. The work for this portfolio is quite varied, as some events may be small, whereas a large amount of work will be needed in the organisation of our First Year Camp and the Annual Deakin Law Ball. You will need to work alongside the Marketing and Communications Portfolios in order to develop and produce an effective marketing strategy for each event you run.

While the Activities portfolio stands out notably for being responsible for our parties, the amount of work required to successfully run any event should not be underestimated. Our social events are the primary avenue for connection between the DLSS and our student body, thus their success is vital to the running of the society in future years.

Furthermore, a strict budget must be adhered to for each event, as profitability is key to the success of the Activities Portfolio. As one of only two sources of finance for the DLSS, economic success in the portfolio is imperative for success in the society as a whole.

During the weeks prior to an Activities event, the Director of Activities is expected to commit 25-35 hours per week. During an event aftermath, and planning stages for an event, the Director of Activities is expected to commit 10-15 hours per week. The summer holidays is pivotal for ensuring the base level of organisation for each event has been completed– most importantly venue hire.

Particularly in 2018, the Director of Activities is encouraged to draw on innovation and creativity when considering their events schedule and not to fall within the trap of following the generic event templates.

Attributes and Skills Required

  • Impeccable organisation skills;
  • The ability make judgment calls under pressure;
  • The ability to remain calm and firm under pressure;
  • Impeccable time management skills;
  • Impeccable problem solving skills;
  • The ability to delegate and lead a team;
  • Strong social skills and the ability to engage a diverse range of people;
  • A willingness to sacrifice your own enjoyment of events for the needs of other guests;
  • The ability to make decisions that may not appeal to some of your peers;
  • Commitment to the role of Director of Activities both during the semester and breaks; and
  • The ability to understand what would appeal to a large and varied audience, as opposed to your own preferences.
  • Innovation and the ability to create refreshing/unique events for law students