Lander & Rogers Junior Moot Final

Mooting is a simulated court hearing or trail, commonly the problems arise in a moot emanate from an appeal of a decision heard in an inferior court in a number of points of law.

The competition was held in the evening of April 18th at the Lander & Rogers office in Melbourne’s CBD, where the finalists from Waterfront and Burwood presented their arguments in front of a panel of judges comprised of a team of lawyers from Lander & Rogers.

The team representing Burwood featured;

Stephanie Seviloglou, a first year Deakin student studying a Bachelor of Law/Arts. During this competition she drew from her high school debating experience to compliment her legal reasoning; Stephanie looks forward to competing in the negotiations competition next trimester.

Maddie Maves, a first year Deakin studying a Bachelor Of Law/Commerce. This was her first mooting experience and she absolutely loved it! Maddie looks forward to competing in future law competitions; especially negotiations.

The team representing Waterfront featured;

James Royce, a second year Deakin student studying a Bachelor of Law/Commerce.

James’ dual skill-set proved to be rather useful when dealing with the moot case because of its emphasis on unconscionable conduct and the Australian Consumer Law. The judges acknowledged James’ outstanding oration by awarding him as best speaker.

Brody Wons, a second year Deakin student studying a Bachelor of Law/Commerce. Brody is an avid competitor having represented the Waterfront campus in a number of competitions, following his participation in the junior moot final Brody will begin his preparation for the Deals competition which will be held in May.

Both teams demonstrated a well-rounded understanding of fundamental legal skills and presented their legal arguments excellently. The judges ultimately ruled in favour of the respondent; commending Maddie and Stephanie’s impressive research skills.

I’d like to thank the participants for allowing me to interview them, as well as all of those who attended for the night, furthermore on behalf of the Deakin Law Students Society and Deakin’s Business and Law faculty I’d like to thank Lander & Rogers for hosting us for the evening and sitting in as our judicial representation.

If you think you might be interesting in participating in a law competition in the future get in touch with;


Written by: Ryan Lawrence