Iesha Clarke

Kansas State University (GO WILD CATS)

I am currently in my third year of my Bachelor of Laws/International Studies degree, and for second trimester last year I was lucky enough to study in the United States for a crazy long 18 week semester. I wanted to study in the United States to experience the college life that I had seen depicted in movies, but couldn’t believe actually happened. To my amazement the movies weren’t that far off and this crazy college life has given me an experience I will be talking about for years and years.


I couldn’t study any of my law units abroad, so I just opted to do subjects from the international studies part of my degree. I was able to complete two of my core units of there for my politics major which was pretty cool as I got to learn about U.S politics from a U.S perspective. If there’s one thing I must recommend is having all your units sorted out before you arrive as I got one hell of a shock when I got there and the other politics units I had planned to take wasn’t running that semester. This lead to a snap decision in my academic advisors office to undertake freshman anthropology and senior level Paths to Sustainability. Even though I hadn’t planned to do it Paths to Sustainability was the best class I have ever undertaken and when the previous CEO of Shell oil is your professor he generally has something very interesting to say. I found the classes to be very easy which allowed me to focus on the social side of things.


The university organised many welcome events for international students in the first few weeks of our arrival, this made it easy for me to make friends with people from all over the globe. College life is all about the parties and I was kept busy with the frat parties, tailgates and whenever that wasn’t happening the bars were only a short walk from the dorms (and the complimentary bus that will deliver you back to your dorm). Tailgates were a highlight, they involve parking your car out the front of the stadium 5 hours before the football game and just drinking and barbecuing and usually a few frat guys breaking a table or doing a mudslide. The dorms were interesting I made a lot of good friends but also have a lot of funny stories about my terrible roommate that were not so funny at the time. There wasn’t a lot of room to travel as you basically couldn’t get anywhere without a car but luckily there was always plenty of stuff to do around town on the weekends so most weekends I didn’t want to go away.


If you are thinking about going on exchange just do it, it seems like a big commitment and a long process but I know have this amazingly unique experience that I will carry with me through life. I embraced everything that came my way and it was amazing to be able to do that without having to worry about work or too much study.