As law students we attend various events throughout our degree that require a dress code. Whether it be for a moot, a careers fair or a panel, this guide will help you understand what each dress code means so you can dress the part.


Corporate Attire:

A corporate dress code is the most formal dress code, it’s an easy one for the guys but a little trickier for girls.

Males should wear a nice fitting suit, a clean crisp shirt, a tie and clean dress shoes. Think Harvey Specter.

For females, a blazer is an absolute must. You can wear a blouse with a skirt or trousers, or a dress. Your shirt shouldn’t reveal any cleavage and your skirt or dress should sit at or just above your knees. If you choose to wear heels make sure they are closed toe, and if you wear flats choose a brogue, ballet flat or loafer. Think Jessica Pearson.

Business Attire:

Business attire is a slightly less formal version of corporate attire.

Gentlemen should wear suit pants, a shirt and a tie, but a suit jacket isn’t needed.

Ladies can wear a corporate dress, blouse and skirt or trousers. A blazer can be replaced by a cardigan or simply the dress or blouse by itself is fine.



Business Casual:

Business casual is a tricky dress code because there is a fine line between too formal and too causal. Think of this dress code as dressing down business attire not dressing about your day to day casual outfit. If you have a doubt about what you’re wearing, it’s always safer to be overdressed.

Men should wear either wear suit pants or good quality chinos, with a tucked in shirt and nice shoes. Feel free to spice it up with a classy knit or blazer. Absolutely no sneakers or jeans. A tie isn’t required.

For the ladies, it’s very similar to business attire except there is a little more freedom. A nice knit with your trousers is suitable; or a relaxed blazer, singlet and corporate skirt. Heels aren’t necessary.



Smart Casual:

A smart casual dress code, also known as ‘neat casual’ can be quite confusing. Once again it’s better to be over dressed than under dressed. Your outfit should be tidy, clean and professional but have a relaxed feel. Items to avoid include runners, hoodies, light coloured or ripped jeans or revealing clothes.

A safe option for males is chinos or black jeans, a shirt and clean sneakers or boots.

For female’s black jeans, a nice shirt or blouse and boots is always a good option.