Congratulations to our newly elected 2018 DLSS Executive!!

With a range of amazing ideas floating around for events next year, we’re confident that our new team will do a fantastic job in their new positions!

There are plenty of upcoming opportunities to join the Committee, with officer appointments coming up shortly after exams. Keep an eye on our page for more details, as this is an opportunity not to be missed!

Special thanks to everyone who came along and voted at our Annual General Meeting today and especially to Deputy Dean of Law, Marilyn McMahon, for providing a detailed overview of exciting developments in our law school!


President | Patrick Keane
Vice President | Georgia Di Salle
Secretary | Lachlan Andrews

Immediate Past President | Erin Ritchie

Treasurer | Tara McRae
Director of Sponsorship | Ella Richards

Director of Activities | Sophia Rasch
Director of Commercial Careers | Nick McConville
Director of Communications |
Sarah Tarrant
Director of Competitions | Lisa Munndos
Director of Education |
Atibhav Damodaran
Director of Industry Careers |
Niren Menon
Director of Marketing |
Thomas Walsh
Director of Social Justice & Equity | 
Vivi Teshuva