51-year-old Jason Juan Burr who raped four women in their homes over an eight-year period has been sentenced to 20 years imprisonment by a Queensland Court.

On each of these occasions, he chose the quiet darkness of the late night or twilight to break into houses of women earning him the nickname “The Night Stalker”. These women, usually home alone, were then either woken up or unexpectedly confronted by Jason, who then proceeded to rape them.

He was a complete stranger to all his victims, the court was told. Judge Julie Dick who handed down the sentence described him as “every woman’s worst nightmare”.

According to Prosecutor Clayton Willis, Jason’s actions had been targeted and deliberate and there was an absence of any signs of genuine remorse or rehabilitation on his part. Mr Wallis informs that it was a DNA test ordered by the police after Jason was charged with indecently touching a young girl that linked him to the more serious offences. When Jason’s DNA was compared to samples obtained from the rapes, the system “lit up like a Christmas tree”, says Mr Wallis.

Jason pleaded guilty to multiple charges against him-including rape- at the Southport District Court on 22 March 2018. His defence barrister Wayne Tolton tells the court that he was the son of a man who raped his mother and that Jason has never met his father. Mr Tolton adds that Jason had claimed to have faced molestation and racial abuse as a child. “He always felt on the outside and never felt part of the group”, says Mr Tolton.

Queensland law requires Jason to serve 80 percent of his sentence meaning that he shall only be able to apply for parole in January 2033. Queensland women may now sleep a little more peacefully knowing that the Night Stalker shall lurk no more. At least not this one.