I have followed a non-traditional legal path to get to where I am today, which is a lawyer for the Cbus Superannuation Fund. After completing my articles in Building and Construction Law, I made my way straight into an in-house role in financial services where I have remained practicing ever since. In addition to holding several in-house counsel positions, I have also worked at the Financial Ombudsman Service making decisions about life insurance, financial planning, managed investment and stockbroking complaints and am also currently a part-time member of the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal. I have been very lucky to work for some very flexible organisations along the way which has allowed me to also juggle three beautiful children, currently aged eight, five and two. Being a full-time working mum has been challenging, but also extremely rewarding and being able to follow my passion translates into a much happier mum. Outside of practicing law I love to catch up with friends, go to the gym and travel.

What’s your spirit animal and why?

A Dolphin. They are graceful, intelligent, gentle, but also a little cheeky. Question 2: What is the area of law that you are currently practicing? Why did you decide to practice this area of law? Financial services law. Things are always changing so there is constantly new things to get my head around and given the complexity of some of the laws and interactions between different regulators I am always learning new things.


What were you feeling when you were finally admitted into practice?

It all felt very surreal to be honest. All that hard work had finally come to an end and the dream had been achieved. I was extremely nervous during the admission ceremony, so very relieved when that was done and dusted!


What has been the most interesting task you have engaged in since entering into the profession?

Probably managing changes to the Privacy Act from identifying what had changed, getting an understanding of the current business processes and practices and performing a gap analysis, then putting together a compliance plan to meet new laws and rolling out the necessary changes across the whole business including training all levels of staff. It was a great way to get a detailed understanding of all areas of the business and just how what might be considered small changes can actually cause some big problems to solve practically.


If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice back when you were in law school, what would it be and why?

Enjoy it! Make some good friends who may have different interests than you who you keep in contact with so you have a strong network of people to bounce things off when you are practicing. It is tough out there working full time and it is impossible to know everything, but if you know you have people you can call on (even if just to confirm your thinking) if you need to is comforting and will take some of the stress out of it all.

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