Our current Spotlight is on a fantastic upcoming DLSS competition that tests both written and spoken skills. The Paper and Oral is proudly sponsored by Maddocks.

What is it?

Paper and Oral is an individual competition open to any Law student at Deakin University. There are two components to this competition, involving the submission of an essay followed by a Power Point spoken presentation.

PAPER: Students are invited to submit an essay they have used in a previously completed law subject. If your essay demonstrates sound written ability and well-argued legal issues, you may be selected to compete in the Final, where you will be required to present the oral component of this competition.

ORAL: This aspect of the competition requires competitors to present a Power Point presentation based on what they have argued in their essay. The presentation should examine the core legal issues at play and demonstrate strong public speaking skills. Competitors will have approximately 10-15 minutes to present their essay in oral form.

What key skills are required?

A well-articulated and well-structured essay forms the foundation of a good Paper and Oral presentation. The second component requires sound public speaking ability and presentation skills. Competitors will need to think on their feet, however putting some effort in to prepare for possible questions based on your essay will make this easy.

What makes this a great competition!

You’re already halfway there and you haven’t even entered yet! How many essays have you slaved away at for hours, only to be submitted and never looked at again?

Why not trawl through your laptop files to find that stellar piece and relive its former glory. Then, all you need to do is formulate a killer oral presentation that addresses the key matters in your piece and potential questions that may be asked by the audience.

A word from our 2014 winner, Dean Balassis:

‘The Paper and Oral competition is an excellent opportunity to showcase both written skills and presentation skills.

Both the written aspect and the presentation aspect touch on a number of key skills for legal practice, however the primary skill which is on display is your ability to communicate complex ideas. Another key skill is converting the written piece into an interesting presentation, whilst keeping within the time constraints.

If you are genuinely interested in area of law for which you have completed an assignment put your hand up! It’s a great chance to share your interest with a group of people.’

Paper and Oral Photo 8.9.14

How can I apply?

This year submissions will start being accepted from Week 7 until registrations close at 6pm on Friday 12 September. Register now by emailing through your written submission to vp-competitions@deakinlss.org along with your name, year level, mobile number and email address. For more information, visit deakinlss.org/paper-and-oral along with our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DeakinLaw.