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The Deakin Law Students’ Society (DLSS) is the peak representative body for all Deakin Law Students, with the objective of assisting students with their educational, career, social and wellbeing needs

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Firm Spotlight

This month’s firm spotlight is on Clayton Utz. Over the next month, we will be sharing articles and stories from this firm.

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Help bridge the gap between the Deakin Law School and Deakin law students by having your say in what we bring to the table in meetings with the Deakin Law School!

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The Deakin Law Students Society (DLSS) is the oldest student society and one of the largest student societies at Deakin University. The DLSS is the peak representative body for law students at Deakin University and here to represent your interests.

We are a student-run organisation dedicated to assisting all Deakin law students to make the most of their time at university. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide relevantand interesting information to students. Our seven portfolios provide a broad range of services, from helping you to achieve your dream job to hosting exciting social events throughout the year.


The DLSS runs multiple competitions each year that allow students to put their legal theory to practice

Industry Careers

We run a variety of non-commercial law related events to cater towards students interested in areas such as family law, criminal law and social justice.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

We strive to assist you with becoming a well-balanced student, running workshops and seminars on how to deal with stress and other issues facing students.

Commercial Careers

With a range of events and publications the DLSS aims to asssist students intending to work in commercial law



We run a series of seminars and educational programs aimed to benefit law students from all year levels.


Social Events

Throughout they year you will get the opportunity to attend a variety of parties to meet other students, all in the lead up to our prestegious law ball.



We run numerous publications throughout the year to ensure Deakin law students stay informed and up to date with all things DLSS-related

How to Law Blog: It’s Ok to Fail

This week’s How to Law Blog is brought to you by ALSA, as part of their Wellbeing Week.

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The Same-Sex Marriage Vote

Regardless of whether you will vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in the upcoming vote on Same-Sex Marriage, it is absolutely crucial that you enrol to vote.

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VisMoot 2017-2018

Applications for VisMoot 2017-2018 are now open!

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From the Faculty: Paul McDonough

I told an American friend who has lived here a decade that the High Court can overrule state supreme courts in purely state law. Stunned. “But I thought Australia was a federation!” No American federal court can do that, unless federal law or the constitution is...
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Where Are They Now? Daniel Fahey

Introduction  I graduated from Deakin University with a double degree in Commerce (majoring in Economics) and Law (Honours) in 2016. I am currently employed at MinterEllison as a graduate where I am on my first rotation (of three) in the Dispute Resolution team. As...
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17th August The 2017 Deakin Law Ball
22nd August Client Interview Final
23rd August Diversity in Law
24th August Client Interview Registration Closes
25th August DLSS Special General Meeting
29th August Client Interview Heats Week
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